Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CTO Ambassador - Details for the masses

Many people have seen my post from yesterday on Facebook saying that I was selected as a VMware CTO Ambassador.  Those of you external to VMware may not know anything about this so I thought that I would provide a few details as to what this actually is.

It is a program sponsored by the office of the CTO at VMware, that gets technical people together. If I am putting it into a single sentence, it is all about feeding back our every day experiences and driving that back into senior leadership in the office of the CTO and to our engineering teams.

Expanding on this it is truly about the free flow of information.  It not only allows for real world input to the software development lifecycle and between teams, but for the real customer use cases and issues to be shared. Normally software development is a very siloed (as with the majority of software companies) and the decisions made from a development perspective are made without a true understanding of the customer. This is where the Ambassador program comes in as it is working to bridge this gap and allow all this information back into the products.

This is an absolutely awesome program that I hope will be rewarding to be a part of.  Hearing and seeing many problems over the last 10 years (holy crap, 10 years at VMW this year) as a member of Global Support, and now Professional Services Engineering, it starts to get to you after awhile. Being given the opportunity to feedback these experiences will be amazing. 

There are only 100 people selected at any time to be a part of this at VMware which is why it is such a great opportunity.  For me personally I will be participating currently for 2015 to 2017, as people are elected for terms of service.  I hope that I can do my predecessors proud and I will do my best to feed back information!

There is a lot more to it, but I just wanted to give a brief overview for those interested.  :)

I also have been silent on here for awhile as I have been working on vSphere 6.0 (recently announced on VMware's Website) and have not been able to talk about it.  I will be updating soon with some fun and exciting things.

If you were curious you can get more details for vSphere 6 at

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