I have been an employee at VMware since November 2005.  Since that time I have had many different roles, primarily within Global Services.  This includes support, escalations, knowledge team, BRIDGES,  LiVefire and finally Professional Services Engineering.

Initially my focus was on VMware Workstation / VMware GSX, and VMware Server.  This was a good introduction to Virtualization and VMware products and technologies.

This however did not last a long time and I was quickly moved over at a generalist supporting ESX Classic 2.x and vCenter 1.x.  This was around the time of crazy growth for VMware  and we soon moved into a specialist model where I ended up supporting the Systems Management side of the stack.  This focused on vCenter and its surrounding products and technologies (including High Availability, VMotion, DRS, etc,) and also with the ESX classic management.  During this period, I did the vast majority of organized content in the VMware knowledge base in regards to my expertise, as well as participated in customer events, including Customer Support Days, as well as most importantly in VMworld, supporting the Genius bar and Breakout sessions.

From this point I was offered a role as a dedicated lead for BRIDGES (supporting vCenter) and participated in bringing what happens in support across to engineering to ensure that we feedback the most common support activities back to Engineering teams.  This lead to the amazing opportunity being given to move within GS, but outside of a support role to become a member of the Professional Services Engineering team.  In this role I participate in developing standardized services content for Professional Services, Delivering training, Assisting Professional Services and other opportunities such as blogging.

Currently I support Core virtualization, including vSphere, Virtual SAN, as well as Health Check services for my team, and am a part of development for the overall SDDC story that we have on our team.  I also specialize in many aspects of the core products including the Platform Services Controller, Certificates, and several other complex topics. This blog focuses on many of these things and wherever I see an interesting point I will ensure that it gets posted here.